Help your body renew, restore and rejuvenate to it's natural balance.

Elevates mood, aids in mental clarity and reduces anxiety

Aids in weight loss

Aids in cellular regeneration, leaving healthy and glowing skin

Improves sleep and boosts energy


Group 5 Detox


Your juices will be in numbered order for you to follow. We recommend drinking the first one within an hour from when you wake up following with one every 2 hours. Stay hydrated.


We do not recommend drinking coffee during the detox. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant which, when taken in large amounts, can affect your mood, sleep, and ability to think clearly.


Within 20 minutes of drinking Tula’s cold-pressed juice, the nutrients start working in your arteries and veins. The absorption rate of juices 99%. Juices can recharge and rejuvenate quickly, whereas when we eat food, energy is  required to digest and less than 40% of the food value will be absorbed by our bodies.


If this is your first detox and feeling hungry or maybe you feel as though the juice will not be enough, then you may eat if and only if, you are eating all-natural fruits and veggies.


You might lose weight! It’s really a second benefit to all of the wonderful things a detox will bring to your body. The weight you lose will probably be water weight, and some fat. Remember, if you don’t change your diet and lifestyle after the detox you will probably gain it back.


In order to ease into your detox, we ask that you eliminate all animal based food one day pre detox and one day post detox to allow your body time in flushing out the toxins from the body.

What’s Next

We recommend you continue eating a healthy and balanced diet. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just remember to eat your vegetables, whole grains, some protein, lots of water. Stay away from processed foods, this means anything in a box with more than 5 ingredients that you can’t read.