It was in 2015 that we began. Fresh off of getting my certificate from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition – yeah, it’s technical – I saw a local need for tasty grab & go cold-pressed juices and started Tula’s Juicery from my home (BTW, we were the first ever cold-pressed juice in Del Rio).

After six months, a change was in order and a storefront was acquired. And here we are now, upholding the standard we created in 2015 and providing a playful and healthy environment for everyone!

You know, “Always Healthy, Never Boring” (That’s our tagline).

What you read, what you hear, what you see, is what you get; what you experience. We want our end product and touch points to be fun, enjoyable and accessible.

Think of Tula’s as a selfie drone; a refreshing friend to chill with!

And FYI, Tula is a spider, but we won’t disturb that woodpile…